In Soccer World we love soccer, so we are offering a bundle of activities with which people of any age and skill can come and be well entertained.

Our location is on the outskirts of Outrup, where we offer many hours of fun activities and plenty of opportunity for social gatherings in pleasant surroundings.
In our park you will find:
A soccergolf field with challenges for all. Can you make a shot across our lake in one go?
A speedometer – time to settle who has the hardest kick!
Soccerpool – a game where precision is key.
Two grass soccer fields.
An artificial grass soccer field – play faster and work on your techniques.
An inflatable soccer field
A panna field – play one on one on an octagonal field with barrier boards.
A multi field with nets and barrier boards three meters tall, so the ball can be kept constantly in play.
A 12-hole mini golf course
Visit our 160 sq. m indoor activity centre on our first floor where you will find things like a table soccer game (foosball), pool tables, table tennis and more, along with seating areas – find a comfy spot on the couch or at our café tables.
Here you will be able to enjoy whatever food and drink you may have brought along.


  • infantAlter: 0-4
  • Kr0


  • childAlter: 5-15
  • Kr50


  • adultAlter: 16+
  • Kr100

Human Football: 50 kr. each person

Bubble Football: 100 kr. each person

It is permitted to bring your own food and drink
It is permitted to bring a dog (provided they are kept on a leash).
It is not permitted to use football boots.